Little loves by Mad Love Nation


Ohhh boy, do I love a newborn session.  It's pretty awesome to document such a huge time in people's lives. I love how parents are so gentle with their new creations, as though they might just break with anything less than a whisper and soft touch. I love capturing the realness that comes with this time in life because I remember the feeling like it were yesterday and know all too well how fleeting it is.

So what can you expect from a Mad Love Newborn sesh?

Mainly lots of kisses, cuddles and chats with your little one. I want to capture the way you all interact as a new little family - tears, laughter, pets, crazy toddler siblings and all. I want you to feel completely relaxed and know that I am not at all bothered by crying or baby poo, and have plenty of time for changes, feeds and cuddles as they are needed. 

What not to expect?

Well, I've found that the gorgeous Anne Geddes style shots just aren't my jam, though I know some amazing photographers that I'm happy to recommend if this is what you're after. I'm drawn to connection and emotion, and I want you to be able to look back on your photos in the years to come and think; "Wow, we were bloody tired and scared as hell, but our hearts we're so full of love they could have burst right out of our chests."




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