Well, hello there. I'm so glad you're here!

I'm Pia, a wedding + newborn photographer based in Perth, though I grew up in country Western Australia and my country roots are big part of who I am. I love to explore, travel + create, and I’m lucky enough to have people take me with them on their biggest life-adventures. It's such a massive honour.

I love exclamation marks!, home-grown veggies, bright red lipstick, lazy Sundays with my little gang and home-made anything. I'm vaguely aware that I might not be as funny as I think I am, though I choose to ignore it.  Also, I have a soft spot for bad puns. You might too after a little Pia pressure #sorrynotsorry

  • If you're currently at a restaurant with me, I'm sorry for taking so long to decide on what to get and then wishing I ordered what you have.
  • If you're currently looking at second-hand vinyl with me, are you also wondering why there's always a Kamal record?
  • If you're currently watching a movie with me, I'm sorry for needing to talk it out with you. I'm working on being a better person.
  • If you're currently on a d-floor with me, I'm not angry at you, that's my 'get down' face. Don't worry if you can't tell the difference, neither can my husband. Also, I can't be held responsible for any moves I pull out if Queen Bey comes on, she has a hold over me I can't explain. 

But since photography is my jam, I thought the best way to show you who I am is to, well, show you! So this is my life and the things I love, photographed by me. I’d love to hear more about you, too. Get in touch and we'll make a sweet story together!

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