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Product, food, portrait and location photography services for busy entrepreneurs 



It's me, Pia! This is a photo my 7 year-old daughter took of me. It's also a timely reminder to always hire a professional. When I have my eyes open, I love to create cos that's what makes my heart sing! I never go far without my camera, because I love to document all the things that scream life - the beautiful, the funny and the seemingly mundane (but look a little harder).

Also food. Lots and lots of food.

Enough about you, Pia. This is meant to be about me and my business!

Okay, I hear you. Standing out in a sea of social media accounts is TOUGH! And with changes to the algorithms happening constantly, it's so important to put serious thought into a marketing plan that is going to work for your business BEYOND the latest social media fad. There's so much more to a good business plan than just gaining followers - you need to attract the right kind of followers. Beautiful, eye-popping imagery is such a powerful tool when it comes to luring people's interest. And putting serious thought into curating your online presence is absolutely vital if you want to retain people's attention long enough for them to become clien...



I see that cheese there looking mighty fine with the honeycomb lying over it all sexy and shiny and the fruit looking all bright and delicious even though I wouldn't normally be interested in the fruit on a platter because CHEESE but, hey... I see what you're doing here!

Enough with the distractions, lady, just give me the prices!


  Social Media Booster Pack



So you've nailed your branding, your business plan is on track and your social media is on point. You're just looking at getting some gorgeous pics to keep things fresh, to show off your newest products or to show your people what you've got to offer them.


What's included?

A photo session tailored to your business photography needs

15 hand-crafted images for print and web use

10% off your next social media package shoot booked within 3-8 months of the original

20% discount for 4 shoots within 12 months of the original


Social Media Turbo Pack



You're picking up what we're putting down with the Social Media Starter Pack, but 15 images just ain't gonna cut it. You're gonna need more  photos, honey!

fashion truck low-1.jpg

What's included?

A photo session tailored to your business photography needs

30 hand-crafted images 

10% discount for your next social media package booked within 12 months of the original session

20% discount for 4 shoots within 12 months of the original session


Business Start up Package


You're just starting out and you want to tell the world about your amazing new idea but you're just not sure where to start. You have so many questions - should I put my business on all the social media platforms (probably not), wtf is an Instagram pod and do I need one (it's a waste of time and don't bother), should I buy likes and followers (definitely not!) and should I have cheese with my glass of red (yes, always yes - but you already knew that).


What's included?

- Social media curation e-guide with tips on how to make the most of your social media accounts

- Online branding consultation to help you identify your ideal client with a personalised social media marketing plan tailored to your specific goals

- Commercial photography session with 20 hand crafted images for print and web use