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Sunday Kinda Lovers

are my kinda lovers.

Mondays are for fresh starts.

Wednesdays are an excuse to use the word ‘hump’ without getting the stink eye from ya mum.

Fridays are about anticipation, relief + wine.

Saturdays are about having fun and getting loose with your mates.

But Sundays - Sundays are my jam.

Sundays about sleep-ins and pancakes, dog beaches, chilling in the backyard with some sweet tunes, Sunday sessions with your mates, long lunches with family, and exploring your neighbourhood/farmers markets/netflix.

On Sunday you do it your way. You chill, take it slow and only make time for the things you love.

My couples are Sunday kinda lovers. They have Sunday kinda weddings (and Saturday kinda receptions).

If this sounds like you, get in touch and let’s do this thang!

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