Why you need to print your photos

So you've spent the best part of a year planning your dream wedding. You've spent countless hours writing emails, trawling the internet for inspo, and checking out venues and dress stores. You've finally chosen the perfect invitation, cake and florist. You love your celebrant, your hair and make up trial goes flawlessly and the food you've chosen is bloody delicious! So when the big day comes and the nerves finally settle, everything falls into place perfectly (and the things that don't no longer matter). You feel all the feels, laugh, cry and love, dance till you drop...and in a flash it's over!

You get the photos back and relive all the awesomeness! There's so much you've missed and you feel all the feels again! You've chosen a couple of pics for the wall, post a couple on Facebook and then shove the USB into a draw and leave it to gather dust.

Hang on, you what??

Get those pics printed into an album, lovers! All that effort and amazingness needs to be turned into something tangible, that can be held and enjoyed by parents, children and grandchild to come!