Albany perfection

I was lucky enough to head to Albany last week for a beautiful secret wedding, which I'll tell you more about soon.

Albany is just dripping with natural beauty; the rugged coastline and deep blue waters have a way of making me feel incredibly small and often send a jolt of fear into the pit of my stomach. Especial places like The Gap, where the oceans roars below you while the wind smashes you about like a leaf. But still I'm incredibly drawn to it, despite the thought alone making my palms turn clammy. It literally took me 10 minutes to work up the courage to lean over the edge of the platform to take this photo.

Okay, I'm a wuss...I'm okay with that.

Albany's beautiful waters at The Gap landscape photography

While I was there I took the time to have visit some amazing local spots to photograph and turn into a print for someone pretty special. Here's a snap I took of Salmon Holes (well, technically actually, it's four pics I took, stitched together).

A pretty beautiful part of the world, don't you think?

Panoramam stretch of Salmon Holes in Albany